Sims Hill AGM 28th February!

tractorThe Sims Hill AGM will be held at 7:30 pm 28th February at St. Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol, BS2 9TJ

Light refreshments (and great cake!) will be served.

We are very much looking forward to sharing with you all the exciting things that have been happening to us in the last year. Sims Hill is on the move! We have added new social projects, held our first crowdfunder, hired a new Membership Coordinator, and are now in the midst of recruiting an Assistant Grower. And of course, concentrating on growing more and higher-quality veg for you all while we are at it.


Presenting of the 2016 accounts

Election of the Board: This year Kristin Sponsler and Simone Osborn will be standing down from the Board as per our articles, and will also be standing for reelection. We still have space for 1 harvest share member and 1 supporter member to stand. If any one would like to stand for the Board, please write to with a brief bio in the next few days so we can announce this before the meeting.

Grower update: Farm Manager Miriam Schoen will report on the farming highlights of the last year, her new growing plans for the next one, and how she plans on using our new tractor!

Education project update from Kirsty Philbrick

Sims Hill Community Food Centre project update from Laurie King

Our new Membership Recruitment Coordinator Alice Lee will tell us her plans for recruitment for the year ahead and how you can all get involved.

Hope to see you the there!

The Sims Hill team