How it works

Half share October (Credit: Mandy Stuart)

Sims Hill Shared Harvest is a pioneering social enterprise growing food for the people of Bristol just four miles from the city centre.

We grow food that feeds around 60 households across the city. If you would like to join us, you will own a share of the enterprise and receive fresh, seasonal veg every week. We deliver the vegetables to pick up points in neighbourhoods across the city.

We have four types of membership:

  • A full share at £48 a month.
  • A half share at £28 a month.
  • Workshare memberships where people exchange hours worked on the site for a veg share.
  • Supporter memberships for people who wish to support the project but do not wish to have a veg share.

For more information check out our “Frequently Asked Questions”.

We also run innovative school and social projects to support our local community and help build a better, tastier Bristol. You can find out more about our principles and plans in our Members’ Handbook and Members’ Meeting Minutes.



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