Community Food Centre

The Community Food Centre is a free, open group that meets every Thursday 10 – 4pm on the beautiful Avon Wildlife Trust site (Feed Bristol) where Sims Hill is based.

‘I love coming here. I feel the stress just drop off’


What do we do?

The group works together with Sims Hill to help grow the food we also prepare, cook and eat. We make plenty of space to chat and rest as we go – members often say that it’s their favourite day of the week and helps them to de-stress from life’s struggles.

We meet at 10am for a cup of tea before getting stuck into an activity on the farm. At 11.30 (ish) we start preparing lunch and after enjoying a leisurely lunch and a coffee, get back to the gardening.


Our community worker, Sian, facilitates the day and the growers, James and Chloe, show us what tasks we can do to help on the farm and how to do them.


Sian, our community worker

We only take on simple tasks and the aim is to have a fun, rewarding day. We don’t work at breakneck speeds, don’t worry! You don’t need any previous experience of cooking or growing, just a willingness to take part and practical clothing.


‘Coming to the group helps me feel less isolated and contributes a lot to my mental well-being’


What are we all about?

The project was born from the belief that:

  1. Eating good, nourishing and healthy food should be an option for everyone, from any and all walks of life and regardless of income;

  2. We all need connection with other people and benefit from the range of experience and knowledge of a diverse group.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of people in the UK who can’t afford to buy fresh vegetables – especially ones grown in a sustainable and healthy way – to maintain a healthy diet for them and their families. More and more people are dependent on food banks which are sadly unable to stock fresh produce. That’s why part of the work of the Community Food Centre is to provide veg bags for those members of the group who are on a low income, as well as Real Economy vouchers for organic larder items.


‘I didn’t know what to do with veg before. Now I cook all the time’


It’s not just about free veg though. We’ve found that the supportive environment often raises people’s confidence, inspires people to grow, cook or eat more healthy food, and critically gives members an all round GOOD day, in what can sometimes be a challenging life.

Want more reasons to come? See our top 5 ideas about the Community Food Centre.


Find out more

If you or someone you know is interested in coming along feel free to give Sian a call on 07711 046 864 or contact her by email at Or just turn up!

See you 10am Thursday for a cuppa under the large canvas 🙂


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