Community Food Centre

The Sims Hill Land based Community Food Centre is a new that aims to create a community around food growing, cooking and sharing. Taking inspiration from a progressive movement in Canada, the project supports individuals that require emergency food provisions to have access to good quality, healthy and local food.

The Community Food Centre takes place at Sims Hill’s site at Feed Bristol every Thursday, involves a gardening session followed by a big meal prepared and cooked by the group. The group members have access to a free veg bag from by Sims Hill growers for nine weeks and will receive £45 of vouchers for the Real Economy Coop, as well as a free lunch at the site. The Real Economy Coop sources good quality, local and organic food from local producers and delivers to food clubs around Bristol.

The sessions aim to be as community led as possible, involving group members in decisions about what they want to cook together and how they would like to spend their vouchers as well as discussions about what other local groups and activities they can get involved in surrounding food and hunger issues.

We also host monthly lunchtime conversations about interesting topics such as an alternative economy, land rights and co-operatives. The group cooks lunch for visitors for a donation and we all get involved in a discussion over lunch, facilitated by local experts. See the programme below:

Sims Hill Community Food Centre Lunchtime conversations(2)

If you would like to find out more information about the Sims Hill Community Food Centre or make a referral, please get in touch with


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