Our events on the Sims Hill site are open to everyone. They are free, friendly and good places to meet new people, learn and get stuck in to growing a better future.

Members’ meetings

We have members’ meetings around February, June and November each year, just for Sims Hill members. You can find the minutes from previous meetings here. Members are notified by email, we post event details on Facebook and we put a reminder in the veg shares to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend.

Volunteering at the farm

As well as the special events below, we run regular volunteering opportunities. For more information see our volunteer page.

Future events & talks

To stay up to date with all our events, see our Facebook events page (no Facebook sign in required).

Past events & talks

A story of a carrot: Sims Hill history and future

Thursday 14th June, 12.30-2pm, Feed Bristol

As part of Bristol Food Connections festival we are proud to offer a “lunchtime conversation” all about our very own organisation. Join us for a tasty, locally grown lunch and relaxed talk from two Sims Hill Board Members, Corra Boushel & Kristin Sponsler. Corra and Kristin will share the story of how Sims Hill, a cooperative and community supported agriculture project, got started over 7 years ago, kept going, and the future we are building.

Why choose to be a coop? What does “community supported agriculture” even mean? How did we get access to land? What does a local veg box scheme have to do with climate change? Can carrots and cabbage really build a community? These and more questions will be the basis for our 45 minute chat, followed by lunch provided for all.

Lunch will be cooked by our Community Food Centre volunteers for themselves and up to 15 guests, guaranteed vegetarian. We provide this lunch for free for visitors, but donations (£2.50) gratefully accepted on the day if you like.

Sharing Economy

Thursday 15th March
12.30-2pm, Feed Bristol

Let’s explore what a gift based “karma economy” looks like in 2017. Saf Nazeer, co-founder of Helpfulpeeps will be facilitating a conversation about this topic based on his experience of growing a community of just 2 to almost 130,000 members. In a world where all social media is designed to convince people to spend more time online, Helpfulpeeps wants to do the opposite by using technology to enable people to connect and help each other in the real world.

We will be providing a vegetatarian, gluten free lunch cooked by our volunteers on an open fire for a donation. We will probably be hosting the talk outside so please wrap up warm! Everyone welcome.

Co-operatives: a model for the future?

Thursday 8th Feb
12.30-2pm, Feed Bristol

How do co-operatives work and what is there potential as a model for the future of organisations?

A discussion led and facilitated by Kate Whittle of Co-operantics. Kate has worked with and in co-operatives of all kinds, both in the UK and overseas, for over 25 years.

Part of our Community Food Centre Lunchtime Conversations series. Vegetarian lunch provided for donations. Contact for more information.

Sharing insights – A discussion of ethnographic observations at Sims Hill

Wed 6th Dec
6.30-8pm, Cafe Connect, Easton

For the past four months, researcher Leonie Hasselberg has been conducting ethnographic research about community farming at Sims Hill. Her research is concerned with the relationships between people’s motivations to join a Community Supported Agriculture project, food consumption as well as ideas and practices of social change. At this event she will share the insights gained during her time with Sims Hill, inviting Sim’s Hill members and everyone who participated in the research to discuss and reflect on the preliminary findings.

Refreshments provided. This event is free but spaces are limited. Please register.

Whose economy is it anyway?

Thursday 14th Dec
12.30-2pm, Feed Bristol

The financial crisis in 2008 brought our economy to its knees, but how many of us actually understand what money is, where it comes from and why sometimes there’s not enough of it to go around?

Come and hear a short talk from Ruby Scarowicz, partake in a discussion and quiz to win Bristol Pounds by testing your knowledge of where money comes from.

Part of our Community Food Centre Lunchtime Conversations series. Vegetarian lunch provided for donations. Contact for more information.