The Team

Sims Hill Shared Harvest is a member-owned and co-operatively run business. We are made up of veg share members, supporter members, workshare members and paid grower members. Our legal structure is that of a company limited by guarantee operating in the style of a co-operative with multi-stakeholder rules. Within this structure the day-to-day running of the business is handled by its Board of Directors, who are elected every year by the members at the Annual General Meeting. There are (approximately) five open members’ meetings throughout the year where the members come together and help make the major decisions that guide Sims Hill, including the last meeting of the year where the budget for the next financial year is adopted.

Project staff:

James Miller is our Farm Manager. James joined Sims Hill at the start of 2018, coming up from Cornwall where he was running a market garden and involved in other Community Supported Agriculture projects.

Chloe Russell is our Assistant Grower. She has worked for three seasons at the long established Tolhurst Organic Partnership CIC market garden in Oxfordshire and has studied and worked closely with Organiclea, in North East London.

Board of Directors:

James Miller (see above for bio.)

Kristin Sponsler was one of the founding Directors of Sims Hill, is a Director of Bristol Food Network and in the past has served on the Bristol Food Policy Council and on the Transition Bristol core team. Kristin was raised on a farm and has a passionate interest in sustainable food systems and permaculture. She has a background in desktop publishing and website editing. She also serves as the current Secretary.

Simone Osborn has a background in project managing different kinds of printed and web content from a career spent largely in the publishing and translation industries. Simone has worked in the non profit sector since 2007. Simone is interested in using her project management skills to help community projects become and remain viable.

Freya Widdicombe has been a professional gardener for over 10 years and has always had a passion for gardening without chemicals and with respect for the rhythms of nature. Her experience being self employed allows her to build enormously on her planning and organisational skills and this is something she uses to help Sims Hill.

Julian Harrison joined Sims Hill as a member in 2016 and has been involved in volunteer days throughout his membership. He built the pick-up shed for St George and was part of promoting the project in the neighbourhood. He has an MBA and work experience in business, so is well placed to support the project on financial and business aspects as well as bringing energy and motivation to other aspects of the cooperative.

Alex Reuer joined Sims Hill in 2017, initially as a workshare member. She has volunteered and worked for the Landworkers’ Alliance and is interested in resilient local food systems, policy activism and permaculture design. She helps run Shift Bristol and is hoping to contribute her skills around organising, community engagement and juggling all the different aspects of a small business.

Mike Secker is currently living in St George with his wife and 16 month old and splitting his time between work at the uni and childcare/homemaker. He has been a member of Sims Hill for a few years and has now started to have far more of an interest in community supported agriculture and all the benefits it can provide to communities (plus all the wonderful produce to cook with seasonally is great). He has had a few clerking roles on charities before and had jobs that have made him a bit of a jack of all trades, which are skills he hopes to bring to the Board.