Members’ Meeting Minutes

Please find below the minutes of Sims Hill Shared Harvest members’ meetings. The minutes are in pdf format. If you have difficulty accessing any minutes please email

26 November 2020 minutes

27 February 2020 minutes

18th November 2019 minutes

28th February 2019 AGM minutes

29th November 2018 minutes

26th March 2018 AGM minutes 

23rd November 2017 minutes

29th June 2017 minutes

28th February 2017 AGM minutes

29th November 2016 minutes

28th September 2016 minutes

23 February 2016 AGM minutes

24 November 2015 minutes

24th February 2015 minutes

25th November 2014 minutes

9th September 2014 minutes

22nd April 2014 minutes

25th February AGM 2014 minutes

26th November 2013 minutes

26th September 2013 minutes

25th June 2013 minutes

26th February 2013 AGM minutes

27th November 2012 minutes

25th September 2012 minutes

26th June 2012 minutes

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