5 reasons to come to the Community Food Centre

1. Free food! Everyone who comes along has a delicious fire-cooked lunch they contributed to making. But we also offer a bag of locally grown, pesticide-free vegetables too, for anyone on a low income as well as vouchers for the Real Economy (larder items).

2. Well being. People already attending tell us it’s great for their stress levels to spend the day outdoors with us doing simple, facilitated tasks which focus the mind and provide a healthy escape from the complexity of life and daily anxieties.

3. Social Connection. The farming and cooking activities make a great backdrop for low pressure chit-chat if you fancy it, or working silently alongside others without feeling awkward. Some people get great conversation, advice and laughter from the day whilst others simply experience that all important sense of community/connection by contributing to the work of the farm and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

4. Physical Health. Movement, Vitamin D and healthy eating are just some of the obvious benefits of getting involved in food growing. Some of our volunteers can’t bend or lift but there’s always something they can contribute to the group and get that wholesome feeling only working in the outdoors can give you.

5. Learning something new. We’re certainly not about formal education by any means but volunteers gain confidence working alongside others to get comfortable with tools, weeding, sowing seeds, chopping onions and recognising a celeriac when they see one (could you?!).

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