Mandy’s stuffed pattypan recipe

Our incredible pumpkin crop this year has given members plenty of pumpkin to experiment with new recipes. ‘Pattypan’ pumpkins – the white ones that look like space ships – can be harvested small and eaten raw, or left to grow larger for a dramatic looking pumpkin. However, their looks are more impressive than their personality, so recipes need to get creative and add interesting flavourings to make the most of this surprising vegetable.

In France, pattypan are known as “pâtisson” and often served stuffed. If your French is up to scratch, take a look at recipes for “pâtisson farci”. Our friend Mandy checked out a few options and came up with this translated approach.

Mandy’s stuffed pattypan

Some recipes say boil the pumpkin first, but the problem is it makes the outside soft while the inside is still relatively hard, and makes it much harder to handle.

1. Cut the top off, scoop out the seed and some of the flesh.

2. Boil a small potato, then chop it up. You could use breadcrumbs instead, but a potato makes it a gluten-free dish.

3. Fry together onion, bacon, mushroom, swiss chard, garlic, chopped up scooped out patty pan, seasoning.

4. Chop up Gruyere cheese.

5. Mix all the veg, potato and cheese together and stuff the pattypan shell. Grate some more Gruyere on top. Bake without the top to get a tasty cheese crust, or put the top back on for a proper pumpkin look.

6. Bake at 180C for an hour.