Sims Hill School Work Update 30 January, 2017

snowdrop-1025050_960_720We’re excited that the first shoots of spring are sprouting their heads out the ground – we’ve already seen the first snowdrops!

With the growth around we’re also growing what we have to offer schools to learn about food growing. We’ve devised an early years programme to immerse children in the field and deepen their understanding of the world. We have our first bookings coming in and look forward to welcoming more schools in soon.

We’re pleased to be able to support schools to achieve their ‘Bristol Healthy Schools Mayor’s award’ by helping schools with their food culture and food growing (Standards 9-11).  They’ve recently launched their ‘Sugar Smart’ programme which we endorse and think eating locally grown seasonal food can help support people to reduce their sugar intake.

Watch this space for more info about our early years programme.

Get in touch with Kirsty at for more info.