We Need Your Help to Get a Tractor!

5f971509-2be8-4c21-b867-16ba9587f14aDear Sims Hill members!

You may have heard we need to buy a tractor in order to make more efficient use of our time and grow more and better veg.

To this end we are launching a crowdfunder, scheduled to begin in the first week of November.

We’d love it if you could spare a few minutes to write us a testimonial about why you choose Sims Hill for your veg, why you became a member and how it makes you feel to know your veg is grown locally by people with organic principles.  We want to use some of your quotes on our crowdfunder page.

We are looking for all kinds of other help too.  We expect to put in a months graft through October building up contact lists and networks, approaching various people from businesses to radio stations to get donations and advertising and obviously building the crowdfunder page itself- with a video and photos, Sims hills backstory, a breakdown of what we need and how much it’ll cost etc.

Through November, while the crowdfunder is live we will need to be promoting it lots to keep it in the public eye and get it spread far and wide so we’ll need bods for this month on computers but also doing a couple of events too.
In short, can you commit time through October and or November and are you / do you have any of the following:
  • Networks and contacts that we could use to promote our campaign and raise contributions:
  • Media contacts
  • Business contacts – local or corporate
  • Knowledgeable about the local area and its history or have old photos
  • Social networking skills
  • Event co-ordinating skillcake baking food making skills
  • A wealthy benefactor
  • Items/services we can offer as rewards for contributions
  • Storytelling skills
  • Musical skills
  • Journalistic and creative writing skills

If you can help please email Freya Widdicombe on tattyjinwych@gmail.com.

Any assistance gratefully received amigos,
SH Team