2 Exciting Workshop Offers Coming Up 30th September!

We want to let you know about two brilliant workshops that are coming up on Wednesday September 30th. They’ve been arranged to be on the same day, but at different times so people can do both and have a day.

Wheel hoe making workshop

Evening of September 30th
At Bristol Bike Project
To find out more and book contact Bruce at Sims Hill by emailing

Interested in low-tech growing/farming solutions? The wheel hoe is a tool that revolutionised the ease and efficiency of weeding and managing a market garden, or sizeable piece of land, when they came about a hundred years ago. In that time the design has barely changed but the price has, with a new one these days costing the best part of £500, making it sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, a beautifully simple design has been come up with where one can be made from mostly using recycled bicycle parts, therefore costing relatively little to make.

We are organising a workshop at the Bristol Bike Project to share this design and to practically show how to make one.

The workshop will be on the evening of Wednesday 30th September. We are not looking to make any money out of this workshop but will ask participants to help donate for the use of the space.

We have a limited number of spaces so if you are interested please contact Bruce at grubby_urchin@rocketmail.com

Practice and Politics of Seed Saving

September 30, 2015 10:00 am
At The Edible Futures packing shed Feed Bristol, Frenchay Park Rd, BS16 1HB
To book or find out more contact contact Humphrey Lloyd of Edible Futures on 07702810555, or humphreylloyd@hotmail.co.uk

Every vegetable and plant we grow wants to produce seed, and yet seed growing is only done by a very few growers across the country. With so much of our food and seed autonomy under threat now is the time to regain an understanding of seed.

This is a workshop and skill share aimed at helping gardeners and growers understand more about saving seed on a small to medium scale.

The practical session will be led by Ashley Wheeler of Trill Farm, a professional market gardener who has been growing at Trill Farm for 5 years. During his time at Trill he has been saving seed for herb, vegetable and salad crops and has been instrumental in establishing the group, the South West Seed Savers. The political session will be led by Humphrey Lloyd and Lynne Davis who are both growers and activists with the Landworkers Allaince.

During the day we will explore:

– Theory and principles of saving seed and choosing crops for seed
– Politics of seed saving, why it is important and organising for seed sovereignty
– Practical sessions
– Factors that influence seed quality

£15 for members of the Landworkers Alliance.
£25 for non-members. (Membership will be available on the day should you wish to join.)

Please get in touch if the cost is prohibitive.

To book contact Humphrey Lloyd 07702810555, or humphreylloyd@hotmail.co.uk