What’s that in my veg? It’s a history of Landworkers’ rights, of course!

How did the food system get into the state it’s in, and why do we need alternative food economies?

To find out, we decided to team up with Edible Futures to unravel the story of the rights of growers, peasants and landworkers throughout the ages, up until the present day.

Over the next few months, amongst your Sims Hill veg and your Edible Futures salad bag, you’ll find a tiny slice of the saga of workers’ struggle for land, food and community.

We’ll learn how the work of Sims Hill and other CSA’s is part of a long tradition of people asserting their right to protect and to live off the land.


Sims Hill Shared Harvest and Edible Futures both strive to provide alternatives to the current food system by enabling communities to own the source of their food production, treating the land gently, and providing a stable income for growers.

We’re writing this story as we go, so if you are interested in being part of the research or the storytelling, then get in touch!