New Membership Support Person

Hello! Clare here. I started as the new Sims Hill Membership Support person a few weeks ago. Now I have found my feet a bit I wanted to introduce myself and give you a quick review of my role.

This is more than a veg box scheme. It’s much more cutting edge and exciting than that. Pioneers you are. I’m really excited to be working for and with you, and look forward to our journey together.

I will be:

  1. the point of contact for existing members about veg collection, for any questions or concerns you might have, and all things Sims Hill really.
  2. involved in membership recruitment – from promoting Sims Hill to the converting of enquiries into new members
  3. managing the Sims Hill online presence – to keep you informed, though the blogs, website and social media.
  4. And, if I have time, doing general marketing and promotion of Sims Hill and its Land Centre status.

I’m intrigued by the community aspects of Sims Hill as lets be honest we are not that used to working in a communal way in our society. I am keen to explore ways with you, to develop and evolve this aspect of Sims Hill. After all it is your (our) farm. So it would be great to creatively and collectively look at how we can best do that, making sure that every member is heard and can contribute in their own way.

I am really open to your ideas and feedback about this challenge, and of course any other ways that Sims Hill might improve its relationship with its members.

You can contact me through or

I work 15 hours a month for Sims Hill, and the best day to reach me is a Wednesday.