Sims Hill is recruiting!

Sims Hill Shared Harvest (SHSH) is looking for someone to help us recruit new members via promotional stalls, events and membership drives. This would be great experience for someone who is enthusiastic about promoting local food and healthy eating, wants to learn about Community Supported Agriculture and co-ops, and who would like to work with a great bunch of people!

This opportunity would be ideal for anyone:

  • wanting to gain experience with recruitment
  • interested in supporting Community Supported Agriculture
  • interested in promoting farm scale permaculture
  • wanting to gain experience working in a small new start co-operative


We are looking for someone prepared to commit themselves to the rough equivalent of 2 hours a week for at least one year. You will receive a full share of veg as one of the Sims Hill workshares.


The work will involve


  1. Running stalls to promote Sims Hill Shared Harvest membership.
  2. Running stalls twice a year close to each of our 5 pickup points.
  3. Mapping the promotional events in Bristol relevant to SHSH and working with our Comms team to decide which events to have a stall at + other stall ideas.
  4. Keeping contact details of organisers and dates of events.



  1. Attending and being responsible for the Sims Hill table at stalls/events
  2. Deciding how many volunteers are required & recruiting members to help staff the stall
  3. Briefing the team of volunteers using a crib sheet provided by the Comms team.
  4. Preparing kit for events – banners, a veg basket, promotional material etc.
  5. Arranging for transport to get it to the event.
  6. Making sure all interest lists and completed membership forms are handed off to the Membership Support worker.
  7. For actual fairs/events – liaising with the event organiser when booking to find out whether we need tables, chairs, parking etc.


Communication with the Board

  1. Liaising with the Sims Hill Board on planned stalls/events via a single point of contact in the Comms team.
  2. Occasional attendance at evening Comms team meetings to present ideas or feedback


If you are interested in speaking to a board member about this opportunity, please email


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