Sims Hill partners with new Seeds, Soil & Social Change Hub

Sims Hill was named as a partner in the successful funding bid submitted by the Seeds, Soil, and Social Change Hub initiative. As a consequence, we want to help spread the word about this amazing new project. Please see more information about them and what they are up to below.

From the Authority Research Network website:

The Soil, Seeds, and Social Change (SSSC) Hub is a new initiative funded with support of the Cabot Institute, a centre for research into dynamic and changing environments at the University of Bristol. Together with colleagues Mark Jackson and Karen Tucker, ARN member Naomi Millner is coordinating a programme of events across the next year which will bring together scientists, social scientists, artists, community organisations and activists and develop emergent collaborative research agenda. Based in Bristol, the project includes a monthly reading group and programme of workshops covering themes such as: soil and water; food security and food sovereignty; biodiversity; and local food strategies. The project will also fund Naomi to return to El Salvador and continue her work with food sovereignty activists and small-scale land-workers there. Together with artist Seila Fernandez Arconada she will use documentary and participatory film techniques to investigate the forms of expertise and authority being developed at key sites, and develop the basis for future co-produced research.

To find out more about the project, or the workshops and reading group in Bristol, please contact Naomi directly by emailing