The day we skinned the polytunnel!

The day we put the skin on the polytunnel at Sims Hill was the hottest day of the year! (so far…)

First of all it’s the Ballet of the Big Shorts as our plucky volunteers get ready to throw the gigantic sheet of plastic over the frame

and it’s over! Now what do we do?


phew ..that – is – HOT!

I know, how about I stand on it ……… and tramp it down a bit ..?

then we can get to work stretching the plastic tight & pinning it to wooden batons

Let’s make the doors!

Now what??

The Pleating! The plastic needs to be stretched at each end and pleated around where the doors will be.

Now for the sauna….! Time to lower the batons on the inside to stretch the plastic tight – works best on a hot day, says Tim!

I’m happy!

and so are they – it’s getting near the end, but such hot work!

Making windows

and the finished work of art!

Thanks from all the Sims Hill members to our star poly tunnel team: Charlie, Red, Damien, Nick, James, Steve and Tim!