News from the Hill 19 June 2012

A small band made it to Sims Hill on June the 9th to play their part in the city wide, get growing trail. The weather was surprisingly warm and the cake predictably tasty! A couple of new members signed up with a couple more expressing interest.

Since then we’ve tango’d with a succession of cold fronts and somehow managed to get more carrots sown into a soggy sims hill soil. The winter squash are still sat in their trays glad to be out of the incessant wind but longing to have their roots in warm soil. Hopefully the start of this week will be as sunny as the forecasters promise and give us a planting window before the next low tracks in.

The few days since we were last at Sims Hill can be a long time horticulturally. It can represent an age in a wind swept field but can be surprisingly helpful when under glass. Our 6000 leeks (yes we will be planting them by hand) are fattening up by the day and our monster brocolli plants are just begining to develop buds. If we keep the irrigation constant the next few days of fine weather will be much appreciated, especially by the tomatoes and cucumbers who have not enjoyed this years weather so far.