News from the Hill

A quick update from the plot!

James is back to work after the birth of his wee boy, hurray (x2).

The pond is dug and the water mains is in (but not yet connected), Jay and his team did a fantastic job of it!

The right hand side of the field now has hedge planted all the way round (ok, we are a few short of the required 1,200 whips). Thanks to those who helped.

We are preparing some of the large glasshouses on AWT’s site on the otherside of the motorway for growing early crops and summer salad. Big Thanks to our new neighbours!

We haven’t got much crops left from 2011 now (due to wireworm and waterlogging) so the share will contain a fair bit of bought in veg now (from as local as possible).

Tractor David has been able to get in and start cultivating the ground for this years crops. With the help of David’s trailer and Steve and his Landie we have got four tonnes of local manure to the field, another four to go!

This year’s workshares have been having their trial sessions. It looks like we might have a good mix of men and women this year, last year was all blokes.