News from the Hill!

We are just coming to the end of our first year at Sims Hill Shared Harvest. It has been a challenging year, yet we now have nearly fifty households getting vegetables grown just up the road. We have only a few harvest shares left available.

There will be a few more difficult months to come in the new year but we are excited about 2012. We should see a polytunnel, mains water and a pond being put in the field in the first quarter, which should give production a boost. We will be growing for 60 harvest shares from next month, so there will be more shares available in 2012, the harvest increasing in July. Ten of these shares will be workshares. We are also planning to run more community veg growing trainings, after this years’ successful pilot.

A combination of four community celebration days and weekend workdays will also make us more accessible to our members and the wider community.

Thanks to all of our members and volunteers for helping us through our first successful year on the plot. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Picture credit: the Eden Project