Green tomatoes for chutney!

Unfortunately our lovely tomatoes which many of you will of sampled have succumbed to a fungal disease know as blight. This is very common when growing them outside but it was a risk we decided to take because tomatoes are just so yummy! All is not lost however as Ollie and myself managed to rescue many kg of green tomatoes today which will be included in this weeks share. (They needed to be picked today and when green as if we left them for a few more days they would become brown and skanky.) Although they haven’t been weighed as yet a full share should receive about 1.5 – 2 kg. The best use for green tomatoes is to make chutney out of them (don’t eat them raw.)

Heres a link to a good recipe.

2kg of green tomatoes should make up to 10 jars of chutney and be ready around Christmas time. Please respond to the member’s email that we are sending out today if you don’t want the tomatoes in your share.

Photo credit: BBC Good Food.