News from the Hill!

What is happening on the Hill?

David has just cut the grass half of the field for hay, once this is baled we will mark out to plough and plant mustard to get rid of the wireworm for next year.

We have had to do various fiddlings with the rabbit and deer fence to:

properly keep the rabbits out (seven not five wires are needed it seems), and let the walkers through on the right of way that goes diagonally across the plots (we were hoping to avoid this but no such luck).

Bristol Council has agreed to cover costs for the mains water to be put in, so we are progressing getting that all booked in.

The thistles and charlock are growing beautifully which means we have our hands full hoeing and hand weeding.

Our carrots should be ready soon, and the tomatoes are forming. The courgettes, french beans and runner beans have started flowering. Coriander and cabbages are ready this week.

We are planting kale this week and purple sprouting broccoli next week, when that is done all the field veg will be planted for this year. We have got quite a bit of clover and trefoil (green manures) to sow in the next few weeks as well to get them established before winter.

We are still waiting for Avon Wildlife Trust to get access to their site, so we can start preparing for sowing winter salads in one fo their greenhouses.

This Friday sees us starting a pilot community veg growing training scheme. It will be one day a week for ten weeks. We have seven trainees and have had to start turning people away. Some are involved in community allotments and some are unemployed and looking to get work in the field (pun intended). This part of putting our commitment to serving the wider community, especially those on the margins, into practice, using Sims Hill as a learning place.

As you can see the team have been and will be busy! Our particular thanks to the workshares: David, Cai, Ollie, Matt and Tristan.

Also, Reclaim the Fields southwest is meeting in Bristol that weekend and Sims Hill will be part of the schedule, so help spread the word!