News from the Hill – growers’ update

It is all starting to happen, horticulturally speaking.

We have been busy sowing seeds in the polytunnel in town:
spring onions, italian white onions,
leaf beet, beet root,
calabrese, cabbage,
tomatoes and peppers.

Onion sets (35kg) and seed potatoes (25kg x 4) have arrived and are waiting to get planted in the next two or three weeks. We will plant some of the potatoes on the second saturday of April, all things allowing.

David has been cultivating the veg patches, they are coming along. The soil is lovely but there is a lot fo organic matter to work in before we can get a good seed bed. It shouldn’t take too much longer now though.

Ken has been busy turning a plot in the garden veg area by hand, bless him. So we will be planting two varieties of broad beans in there next thursday.

We have been doing a bit of work preparing where the hedge will be planted on saturday, we hope some of you can make it along.

The hedge is a mix of blackthorn, hawthorn, crab apple, roses and a couple of others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. It will in time keep the larger wildlife in the area out of the vegetables, provide ingredients for jams and jellies, encourage smaller wildlife and make the field scale a bit more human.