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February 28, 2011

New agri-culture springs to life by the motorway

by Richard Spalding, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of the West of England

I scraped the leaves away to discover that the rhubarb crowns had survived the cold to begin their journey into the light and unknowingly towards our kitchen. I was on my way to join the first work party organised by Sims Hill Shared Harvest, a new community supported agriculture project close to the M32 motorway on the north Bristol fringe. This was an emotional moment for me as I walked down the icy track which still forms the access point to and across the finger of largely derelict market garden land which once helped feed the city. I had been envisioning such a moment for years now in my quest to try and support a revitalisation which might see our cities beginning to think about feeding themselves once again.

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